God showed our founder Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana that the women who were to be a part of this group were women with dreams and goals.  Many had visions He had shown given them.  Some He’d placed a calling on their lives to impact lives.  They had business ideas and inventions.  Dreams of helping, impacting and encouraging others.  They were evangelists, missionaries, child care givers, domestic violence advocates, real estate investors for the Kingdom and so much more!  But they were stuck!

Our goal is to get them moving once again, and give them the tools they need to Grow and Go Forth.  Guest speakers, specialized training, biblical teaching and more is just some of the things offered.

Lilies Among Thorns meets locally at East Wake Regional Library and we are open to Christian women of any denomination and any race that have a sincere desire to do the will of God on their lives. 

Registration is required to attend.

Purpose:  A group for Christian Women of Purpose offering support, guidance, and encouragement in fulfilling their God inspired dreams and destiny.

Vision: To provide an environment where Christian women can come together and pray, fast, business develop, collaborate, coach each other, and share their will and desire to build their ministries/businesses/organizations and bring forth their calling.

Prospects:  Christian women who knows that there is more to life than what they are living and are seeking the knowledge, guidance, wherewithal, and the encouragement to live a life with God in the forefront in bringing forth their dreams.  They are entrepreneurs; seeking that feeling of being in charge of their destiny.

They are visionaries; seeing the big possibility of the dreams in their hearts.  They are would be leaders; knowing there is greatness within them.  Greatness that says their little part can create a change in the world around them.  They are women of purpose; women that are determined to live their life for God doing His will and walking out the calling He has placed on their lives.

They are Kingdom Ministers; knowing that they are called to reach the lost, hurting and displaced outside the four walls of the typical church, in an unconventional way.  Kingdom Ministers that are willing to manifest the Kingdom of God here on earth by doing His will and taking back the areas of society they are called to reach.


Every 2nd Thursday of each month


Knightdale Recreation Center

The Founder

Profile-PicTereciah knows first hand whats it’s like to have a dream and have no one to guide her or support it. To appear confident and self assured to the outside world but feel overwhelmingly insecure on the inside. To have that gnawing sense that there had to be more to life than the one she was living but have no idea which direction to take.

Tereciah is the Founder of LifeSpark Ministries a multi-faceted organization – including subsidiaries Phenomenal Woman In Christ and Grow and Go Forth Women’s Leadership Institute, – that helps women who are called to lead bring about the necessary changes within themselves so that they can make the powerful and long lasting impact upon the world that they are destined to create.  She is an author, media host, volunteer and most of all, as she likes to call herself, “a vessel.”

She has the innate ability to provide just the right amount of information, guidance, and encouragement to ignite a renewed sense of direction and momentum in women who have found themselves struggling with moving their vision forward from idea to manifestation.   

A catalyst for change, Tereciah desires to equip and empower women with the knowledge they need, the foundation their dreams and visions will demand, so they can walk in the fullness of the calling they have been destined for and become the leaders and visionaries they see of themselves.

As an author you can be empowered from reading her books.  As a media host you can catch a glimpse of  Tereciah on her weekly local television show called The Phenomenal Woman In Christ.  As a mentor you can see Tereciah in action as she facilitate trainings for women through her Grow and Go Forth Women’s Leadership Institute and as a volunteer you can see her around her community encouraging others!